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New Season, New Blog

Don’t you hate it how at the end of every summer, we’re barraged with a zillion print and television ads trumpeting the arrival of fall and not-so-subtly intimating that purchasing new wardrobe and ditching our hideous, out-of-date haircuts is the only fitting way to properly welcome in the new season?

“New look, new you!” Right?

That phrase drives me nuts. What is wrong with the old me? (Aside from the fact that I sometimes wear slippers in public and didn’t own a hairbrush until last year. Give me a break; I’m a freelance writer.) But I do appreciate the sentiment: change can feel really, really good.

This writing blog has been feeling a wee bit stale. I’ve seriously pondered starting all the way over on a brand new website (giving birth to websites is among my dirty habits … check out, and, but then I got to thinking about how many followers I have on here already, and I got to thinking about how I’m trying to simplify my life by consolidating commitments, and I decided to reimagine the Tongue Detangled into something entirely fresh.

I’m calling it The Terrible Creative blog. As before, it will offer thoughts on the craft and culture of writing both fiction and non-fiction. As before, it will be honest, sometimes potty-mouthed, and occasionally radical. But I’ll be updating it more often, the posts will be shorter and snappier, and I’ll be focused on offering a mix of practical and philosophical advice.

Get ready, Terrible Creatives. The new is upon us.


What do you think, writer-readers? Your comment gets mine!

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