Erin’s Blog is Moving!

The time has come.

After a decade-plus of faithfully blogging on WordPress, I’ve decided to level up and start a new writing blog on the Squarespace platform: The Writer in Full.

Sometimes, change is hard; sometimes, it’s easy.

This change in particular feels mostly easy. And logical. And exciting! I’ve not published as often on this blog lately, but I have been writing faithfully and quite productively, and I remain passionate about helping other writers and working to make the writing community more inclusive of writers of all backgrounds and experience levels.

To that end, I’ve got 150,000 words on the craft of writing just burning a hole in my hard drive at the moment, and it’s time to start unleashing them on the world! Thus, the new blog, and preparations to debut a series of e-books and other fantastic products for writers. I’m also launching a newsletter, which you can sign up for by navigating over to my new site.

I must confess more than a passing sense of sadness at the thought of potentially losing touch with the 2,000-or-so souls who follow me here. I hope to continue the creativity conversation with you over at The Writer in Full.

I’ll be leaving this site up for awhile until I figure out what the new blog wants to become, and whether two blogs are necessary or even advisable. I’ll check in regularly. But The Writer in Full will be my primary blog from here on out.

See you over there!

What do you think, writer-readers? Your comment gets mine!

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